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Audionet VIP G2

Raidho Presentation at Blink High End


When passion and expertise is the driving force.

Blink High End is New England’s leading source for ultra high end audio, supplying clients on the East Coast with the highest quality audio systems and accessories on the market. Based in the center of Cambridge, Blink High End features a dynamic staff of classically trained audio engineers and musicians passionate about audio perfection. You can expect honesty and expert advice from every member of our team. We are the only high end audio store that consists entirely of active audio professionals that all play instruments or are active record producers and engineers. Blink High End is uniquely able to provide its clients with expert advice on how to achieve exceptional sound quality.


Extreme satisfaction guaranteed.

We present components that produce music in a way not heard before, restoring balance to all your senses - honest, transparent, and emotionally captivating. Relying on rigorous product selection and testing, we assemble and design sound systems that deliver breakthrough aesthetic, technical and emotional performance. Through years of professional audio experience and product testing, our team hand selects the very best from the world’s most innovative manufacturers. If it’s not captivating, it’s not here. This means a streamlined selection of outstanding performers that are more than just an inch ahead of the competition.

Pure Delight

Awaken your senses.

There is a difference between fun and profound joy, between entertainment and being moved. In a world driven by marketing slogans and convenience, we know about the limits of in-wall speakers and multi room setups. The connection to music in its most potent and pure form can be best accomplished through dedicated speakers and components that feature state of the art designs in appearance and technology, meant to be seen, and heard. Experience a perfect window through which music allows you to enter another world. Our goal is to share our passion for musical revelations and to create an expanding and enthusiastic audience for true Sonic Excellence - one that will awaken a rejuvenating audio experience, giving new meaning to the word delight.